School girl with books and backpack

Back To School: Tips to Keep You Sane

Back to school activities, back to school shopping, back to school goals…. August andSeptember can bring so many overwhelming feelings that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Of course there are also plenty of simple ways to focus on the new year.  Things that can help both you and your family get energized, organized, and […]

Happy family

Unplug: 10 Activities for the Family

We live in a day and age where families literally spend the entire dinner meal texting, checking emails and taking selfies. ENOUGH! It’s time to party like the old days. Time to make family a priority and enjoy each other’s company. Here are some fun ideas we came up with for Family Night. The ultimate […]



Jaime  of the Mommies team has done the ultimate test of family bonding: a cross country adventure with her hubby, niece and two (amazingly adorable) daughters. She has been taking the M247 key tag everywhere with her and we’re living vicariously through her amazing pictures! What’s really cool about this is that along the way, we’ve […]


Knowzz App, download it!

We just found this awesome app called Knowzz  that’s like a “Yelp” for businesses and services in your area. It’s super cool. You sign up (free, hello, awesome) and it sucks all of your contacts and auto-categorizes them for you. You then go to search and everyone in your area who has downloaded it can recommend […]

Pregnant businesswoman on the office phone

MAT leave and returning to work

Whether you’re just about to burst or you’re planning your Maternity Leave, there are a few things you should really talk to HR about before your world is rocked. The first and most important conversation to have is to figure out what exactly your boss or colleagues expect from you. By law they have to […]


Mood Matching Manis from Mani Diaries

We sat down with Pamela Kalmus, Founder + CEO of Mani Diaries for an awesome guide to picking your mani color! Move over mood rings, we’re obsessing over mood matching manicures! Check out below, for details on the latest craze. GREEN - If you are in a nurturing mood or in need of healing, try OPI’s […]



  Many people who know me in the current incarnation of my life as a stay-at-home-mom don’t know it, but I have an MBA. From a very good business school. That I paid for myself. And I even had a pretty good job before I left the work force to stay at home with my […]

Upset kid hiding face with hands.

Alternatives to “NO”

Reject with Affection Parenting books, members of parenting groups, and most of your friends will probably tell you some version of “Learning how to handle hearing no builds character” or “They’re going to start hearing no all day long; might as well start getting used to it.” None of that is wrong, but honestly, just […]


The Lowdown on Finger Foods

We received this awesome book from our cousin when our LO started eating finger foods! There are 170 pages of recipes to expand that tiny palette! When the little crusier hits between 9-11 months, this is when you can start thinking about all that yumminess. Here are signs that Karen Ansel, MS, RD and Charity […]


Letter to the Nanny: Sorry I’m a Psycho

This is an open apology to every babysitter or nanny I ever interviewed, and especially for my current nanny. I am shaking my head as I write this because I really feel like the biggest jerk. Take a moment and thank your caregiver today. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I call, text and request photos so […]

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